BLOG: Samoan love story

According to my church I am married. I was married here at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Da-Saints Malaeimi Stake Center in Amerika Samoa. My husband lost our documents or misplaced them. ‪#‎TrueStory‬ I was angry at him for that, for a very long time.

According to the federal government, my marital status is "non-applicable" at tax time. When you are extremely poor it's tough to get immigration papers done especially when there are no documents in government records that state you are married. I was born at Kapiolani Children's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Simona was born at a village dispensary in Pata, Falelatai, Samoa.

He is a farmer, homemaker, member of the CCCAS Church in Utulei. He tells me he doesn't care what has happened between us since we last saw each other September 2010. God knows, A LOT has happened.

We were married Sept. 18, 2010. He tells me he is waiting on me for as long as it takes. Simona didn't care who married us. He didn't care which church. Simona and I met when I was Secretary for the Utulei Catholic Autalavou under the direction of Father Sebastian. We were both attending Catholic church at the time. I met this man in church. I was still LDS at the time but I was living with my Aunty Laura, a former Catholic nun. Rest in love and peace aunty. ❤ I told my aunty Simona was cute and she told me to stay away from him. Lol.

When Simona and I were married, we didn't have wedding rings. There were eleven of us in the ceremony plus Bishop Vaoga who married us. Twelve people total. ‪#‎Simple‬ Simona only wanted our union to be #Blessed. Afterward, we celebrated with a small get together with our closest family and friends at our rental home in Mapusaga Fou.

I married a man of God. This man of God married me. He truly is my better half. What else kind of man would overlook and forgive all the gossip, f*ck-ups, f*ck-offs and wait around for me? I forgive him too.

I have the babies and I am the breadwinner. He is Mr. Mom. Goodness, he did the babysitting, he did (wash, hang, fold and put away) all the laundry, all the cooking, cleaning and dishwashing AND yardwork. However, it was his ability to make me laugh (even when I was fuming with him) and his willingness to make up to three umu a week (for my mom if she asked) that convinced me I should marry him. ‪#‎BestUmuGuyEver Simona kept our home, closet, my documents and even my earrings well organized. He'd scold me a lot for leaving my earrings around. ‬My husband teaches me patience, forgiveness, humility and above all things -- faith. I bring home the bacon -- and the fire. I'm coming to get you baby. Pray for us. LOVE YOU!