INKED Island Fashion Show: taking the islander movement to 'the next level'

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DJ Ill Phil Yi

The INKED Island Fashion Show team thanks Tatau Brand, Graphics Design Artist DJ Ill Phil Yi, our hosts 92.5 Native FM’s Chisa Dizon and BigBody Radio’s BigBody Cisco, BetelNut Radio, The Westin San Diego and staff, Jeremy “DJ Stylez” Del Rosario, our designers and companies: Desiree Snuffer, Kaduku Clothing, Alyssa Mansfield, INKED Afterparty hosts Polynesian Underground who secured the venue and assisted with production, Island Edge Designs, Selah International, Missing Polynesia, South Pacific Urban Accessories, SINA and Faletuiga; each make-up and hair artist, every model, every audience member, helper and friend, our families and the city of San Diego for welcoming us with open arms. INKED sends a special mahalo to Common Kings and Zhen and all the photographers and videographers in San Diego who donated their time and expertise to covering our show.

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