Report by Center on the Family, DHS addresses homeless services access

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The Center on the Family at UH-Mānoa and the Homeless Programs Office of the Hawai‘i State Department of Human Services have released the Homeless Service Utilization Report: Hawai‘i 2013. Authored by Dr. Sarah Yuan, Ivette Rodriguez Stern and Hong Vo, the report provides the most current data on individuals and households who accessed homeless services and the state’s overall service utilization in the 2013 fiscal year, based on agency-entered data in the Homeless Management and Information System (HMIS).

The report includes information for both the Shelter Stipend Program (i.e., emergency and transitional shelter services) and the Outreach Program (i.e., services to those living outside, in a car or park or on a beach). It provides a demographic profile based on an unduplicated count of shelter and outreach program clients, a seven-year trend of homeless service utilization, and an analysis of outcomes of the Shelter Program.

The total number of homeless clients served by the Shelter and Outreach Programs has dropped for the third consecutive year. There have been some improvements in shortening the length of stay in shelter programs, and in moving more clients into permanent housing more quickly. While more progress needs to be seen in helping those who were successfully housed to remain in permanent housing, data show that the large majority of clients exited the homeless service programs by the third year and did not return. Some highlights of the report: