Hokule'a crew members visit the American Samoa Community College

Photo Credit: 
J. Kneubuhl
(Left to right) Student guest Michael James "MJ" Sword-Curry, ASCC's Kelley Anderson Tagarino and Hokule'a-Hikianalia crew members Katherine Fuller, Ryan Hanohano and American Samoa's very own Junior Rex Lokeni.

“The Hokule'a's world-wide voyage is about much more than just marine science,” said Kelly Anderson Tagarino. “Their current voyage hopes to convey the message that the Earth is our island, the only one that supports life, and just like islanders love and care for their own home island, so too must the world community come together as one to support our island of Earth. With the challenges of climate change facing the next generation, the Hokule'a voyage hopes to reconnect people to their roots and train a new generation of navigators, to help us navigate through the challenges ahead.”

​For more information on the voyage of the Hokule'a and Hikianalia, visit their website: www.hokulea.com

Source: American Samoa Community College Media Release)