OPINION: Social Media Free Sundays

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Is this what we want our daughters, our girls and young women to see? Is this today's American norm?

I may not be able to control these sites but I've voluntarily given myself a break from navigating all the unceasing nonsense that comes my way via social media when I'm doing the simplest things on their sites -- like sharing YouTube videos and news links, mostly from the Samoa Observer. I'm not just sharing them, I'm also gauging the behavior of these sites in response to what I am posting.

People have it all wrong. You don't "keep up" with social media. You're the consumer, the end-user. Be sure they're keeping up with you. If it gets too irking or obscene, simply shut it off.

I enjoyed my social media-free, zero-stress Sunday. Try it. You'll thank me for it.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous week and God bless!