OPINION: Freedom and speech

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(WAIPAHU--SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2016)--Blessed Sunday from Waipahu my Samoa and my America. It's a beautiful Sabbath Day in Hawai'i and as the U.S. Presidential
race rages in the states, here on O'ahu things are relatively the same with local government authorities, businesses and boring media personalities still following the lead of the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

Truth be told, I'd much rather throw that newspaper into a fire rather than be forced to look at it every time I walk into the door at 7-11, a big supermarket or the Queen's Medical Center. I have to look at even when I walk into the office at my kids' school and all the government offices. It seems even the most sensible, educated, smartest, most respected people in Hawai'i are not in the business of thinking for themselves these days.

It could very well be the fact that Hawai'i has left its thinking to the Star Advertiser and corporate media companies for way too long. It is called the political establishment of Hawai'i where the majority of elected leaders (and non elected leaders) and much of the entire system have sold themselves to a newspaper that thrives on maintaining the status quo and inequality to their benefit.

Of all the writers I've read in Star Advertiser's papers, Dan Boylan was always my favorite. I used to read his work religiously. His name came highly recommended by my older sister who was once a student of his in Pacific Island Studies. I've read some of her work from his class, course texts and Boylan's comments scribbled on papers she wrote as a UH student.

I no longer read Boylan's work. I no longer aspire to enroll in any of his classes. I decided writing for the Star Advertiser would be a waste of my God-given talent and precious time. After my experiences with Peter Boylan, several professors at UH Manoa, the paper which has carried both Boylan bylines and the current system, I've learned that the freedom of speech prescribed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, due the Samoan, Pacific and ALL people of America does NOT exist. At least not in Hawai'i.

In our state, the paper everyone worships is largely to blame for a shameful, embarrassing culture of corruption kept secret from the outside world. Every single person who enables this habitual corruption to flourish and prosper by leaving it to "business as usual" in Hawai'i carries the blame.

"The system is so corrupt," a Japanese First-To-Work state employee told a class of women during an orientation. "The federal government, they really don't want to send women to school to get an education."

While the FTW employee believes taxpayer monies would be better spent on educating women on welfare, Mrs. Obama promotes education for girls in a far off country as opposed to education for the women of America. Meanwhile, a group of women called "Sisters Empowering Hawai'i" contact me via email, sending me invites to attend their event next month where a group of women including President Barack Obama's sister will be honored. I'm not sure how many times SEH has to be told that I have no interest in being a part of their group. Their incessant need to hound me is bordering on harassment.