OPINION: Sabbath Day and Super Bowl

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(WAIPAHU--FEBRUARY 7, 2016)--Blessed Sunday my Samoa and my America. Today is widely known as SuperBowl Sunday for Americans but it's another Sabbath Day for me which brings me to the topic of Super Bowl and Sabbath Day observance.

I believe the Sabbath, whether observed by God's people on Saturday or a Sunday, is the best day of the week. For me and my family, Sabbath Day is Sunday. We had a wonderful day at church and a scrumptious meal prepared by my brother-in-law.

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, an American celebrity, sang at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. during the half-time show at the SuperBowl. She also announced her "Formation" World Tour.

From San Francisco Jan. 6, the Associated Press reported that another surprise Beyonce project lit up social media and caused a frenzy of excitement a day before the superstar's planned Super Bowl performance.

This is what the Associated Press said: Beyonce released "Formation" as a free download on her artist page for the streaming service, Tidal, which she co-owns
with husband Jay Z, Rihanna and other artists. The song, along with a music video, was released as a gift to her fans and it can be downloaded without having
a subscription to Tidal.

The AP goes on to say that "Formation" is a gritty street anthem that, perhaps not coincidentally for Black History Month, has lyrics that express black pride with an exclamation point. One lyric: "I like my Negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils."

And a cheeky line about her man's sexual prowess earning him a trip to Red Lobster had the seafood chain a top trending topic on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

The video features a brief cameo from her daughter, Blue Ivy, who dances with a group of young girls. The AP adds: Beyonce headlined the Super Bowl halftime show in 2013 in New Orleans. At the end of 2013 Beyonce dropped the album "Beyonce" unannounced on iTunes; it went platinum in days.

I found a review of the video on a YouTube Channel titled DomisLive. According to DomisLive, Beyonce "broke the internet" with her new video. He says it takes
place in New Orleans and has a "down south gritty type of feel." He says it's a cool song, not one of her best but a cool song. As of 3 a.m. Sunday, the DomisLive
news clip had garnered some 30,000 views, 600 likes and 500 plus dislikes.

These are some of the comments DomisLive gleaned which tells me it's probably not worth my time.

Said one viewer: "Beyonce getting head while hanging out the window like that. So yea she really meant fornication."

In Beyonce's defense one says: "It IS one of her best songs...she's standing up like a queen to all the foolishness happening today."

Adds another to the discussion: "If black lives matter then stop killing each other in massive numbers in this country, that's where your problem is Black
people stop pointing the finger as a race. It's getting sad and really pathetic."