American Samoa's link to Hawaiki's 15,000 km subsea fiber optic cable is on its way (Part 1)

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Hawaiki's 15,000 km subsea cable is now past its halfway point in its installation. It is expected to land in American Samoa in March and be operational in June of this year.

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Hawaiki marketing materials & Roy J.D. Hall III

As sales of the capacity increase, hub or no hub, the ability is there for Hawaiki to increase the number of 100 Gbps wavelengths serving the American Samoa spur. Initially, American Samoa will be working hard to sell 10 Gbps of capacity, but in five years and ten years the demand growth for capacity should easily fill several 10 Gbps blocks of capacity. If the Cook Islands, French Polynesia, and Samoa decide to connect to Hawaiki via American Samoa that estimate goes up by one order of magnitude. French Polynesia is poised for rapid growth in bandwidth demand. In 20 years the capacity demand on the spur should necessitate multiple 100 Gbps waves. 

On my very last day on the job at ASTCA, in March 2016, I received a congratulatory message from Hawaiki noting that the contracts had been executed. A very perfect way to end my six year career at ASTCA.



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